Getting Started With Us

Getting Started with Us

Whether you are setting up a new medical practice or you are a newly commencing doctor in an existing medical centre, Dorevitch Pathology can help you make your life easier.

With Dorevitch Pathology's long history of industry leadership, you are secure in the knowledge that you will have one of the world’s most comprehensive pathology practices and recognised specialists as your partners in practice. 

It is easy to commence using one of Australia’s premier pathology providers.

Establishing a Licensed Collection Centre in your Facilities

To request assistance with establishing a licensed collection centre in your facilities, telephone us direct on (03) 9244 0444 or click here to email us.

Medical Liaison Officer Visit

To request your local Dorevitch Pathology Medical Liaison Officer to attend your practice and detail services, or to help you get started, telephone our Marketing Department on (03) 9244 0444 or email us with your details.

Services that can be detailed and arranged by your Dorevitch Pathology Medical Liaison Officer include:

  • Practice startup services
  • Collection Centre locations and services
  • Tailored results formatting
  • Our web based results portal
  • Our results download program
  • Our Medical Director pathology ordering module
  • Dorevitch Pathology CPD programs such as Surgical Skin Audit, Diabetes Audit and events. 
  • Patient pap reminder services
  • Cardiology Diagnostics

New Client Starter Pack

To request a complimentary new client starter pack, telephone our Medical Liaison Officer's on (03) 9244 0444 or click here to email us with your details.

Our typical Starter Pack includes:

  • Personalised Request Forms
  • Selection of Tubes and Containers
  • Selection of Sharps and Containers
  • Support materials
Additional Dorevitch Pathology Publications can be provided, including:

Courier Pick Up Service

To request a new client or changed client, courier pick up services, telephone us on T: (03) 9244 0320 or click here to email us with your details.

Results Download Service

To get help in setting up a results download service, telephone us on T: (03) 9244 0391 or email us or click here for on-line do-it-yourself support tools.