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After hours contact details for urgent results 

From time to time, Dorevitch Pathology produce dangerously abnormal blood test results outside normal working hours that need urgent attention. This might be a patient with unexpected neutropenia, thrombocytopenia or raised serum Troponin. It is essential that we are able to contact the treating doctor as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary delays. 

In order to provide this best possible medical care for our patients, could you please update all doctors details either through the fields below or the attached form with at least an out of hours contact number – either mobile or home phone number. If a locum services is used, can this number also be provided. 

Dorevitch Pathology takes their responsibilities to patients very seriously, and as such will performing annual updates on out of hours contact numbers.

Contact details will only be used for clinical purposes.  They will not be used for marketing and will not be released to third parties.

   Article: A GP's duty to follow up test results

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Please return to info@dorevitch.com.au or Fax: 03 9244 0432