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Genetic testing at Dorevitch Pathology

Dorevitch Pathology offers an extensive range of genetic tests to help in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of disease. Our testing menu spans from simple to complex and includes diagnostic and carrier testing for inherited disease, testing for somatic mutations in cancer, and pharmacogenetic testing using genetic and genomic techniques.

Our genetic diagnostic service is supported by:

  • NATA/RCPA accreditation. Our genetics laboratory has held continuous accreditation from NATA/RCPA since 2000 and is compliant with the ISO 15189 standard,
  • Our expert pathologists who are available for consultation and advice,
  • Extensive experience in working closely with medical practitioners, private and public hospitals and their patients across Victoria.

Genetic testing is available for many disorders including:

  • Solid tumour molecular diagnostics,
  • Developmental delay and mental retardation,
  • Carrier testing for cystic fibrosis,
  • Inherited and somatic haematological disorders.

Our comprehensive cytogenetic service is available for prenatal, postnatal and haematological malignancy testing using both conventional and molecular cytogenetic techniques.

The requirements and costs can vary for each molecular test. Some testing may be rebateable if subject to Medicare guidelines and criteria. Other tests may incur an out of pocket charge.

Full details of tests available, collection requirements, costs and turnaround times can be found by visiting our website Genomicdiagnostics.com.au, or by calling 1 800 822 999.



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